Cortina PTX Black

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Cortina PTX Black
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Cortina PTX Black:

Waterproof winter boots with a front lacing and natural sheep fur trimming. Upper of the boots made of technological microfiber suede with water proof treatment. Lining of the shoe also includes membrane, that enlarges waterproof effect. Sole with a strong cushioning effect provides optimum relief for your back muscles and joints. Suitable for people with a sensitive back and with feet and joints exposed to daily stress.

Color: Black
Insole: Ortholite Support
Sole category: emotion
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Care Instructions
Quality and contentment are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. We gladly and passionately work with the objective to provide the perfect shoe for our customers. Therefore we guarantee for material and processing with all our self-produced items. Excluded is a surrogate due to improperly use or normal wear and tear. Upon cases under warranty the product will be repaired and replaced at no-cost.
Microfibre, textiles and even mesh can be easily cleaned if they are regularly treated with a special waterproofing spray. Thanks to the waterproofing spray the fibres cannot absorb dirt as easily. A cleaning foam or soft gum for gentle cleaning can also be used. The Joya sole can be cleaned using a little lukewarm water and a sponge. Do not use any cleaning agents as the sole may be damaged by them.
The Ortholite insole can be machine washed at 40 °C. The antibacterial and breathable insole retains all its properties after being washed. The insole must not be tumble dried but should be air dried before being placed in the shoe.

emotion: Stress-free walking and standing!

The soft and supportive sole helps to minimize stress for the feet and the back. Developed to mimic joyful walking in firmer sand along the waterline. Discover more...

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