Shoe care – ensuring long-lasting satisfaction with your Joya Shoe

The Joya shoe is a quality product with a leading and unique sole technology. Joya promotes a healthy posture that can relieve the back, knees, joints and feet, relieve and prevent pain in the musculoskeletal system.

To achieve this effect on your body long term and to ensure a long-lasting enjoyment with your Joya, we would like to ask you to observe the following instructions.

Moreover, Joya shoes are made of high quality materials, which requires regular and good care, to guarantee its durability.

Care instructions

  • Avoid contact with aggressive substances (e.g. disinfectants, nitro, acids, oil, blood, etc.), salts, fats and proteins.
  • Simply lay wet Joya on its side and allow to dry at room temperature. Do not place close to or on a heat source.
  • Do not cut the sole and avoid mechanical damage to Joya sole by sharp objects.
  • Do not wash your Joya shoes in the washing machine under any circumstances.
  • Clean and wash them by hand with a sponge and lukewarm water (max. 30 degrees).
  • Clean soiled Joya as soon as possible. Please avoid water entering the inside of the sole through the inner sole.

Information and details

Joya recommends shoe care products

In cooperation with an Austrian manufacturer, a care series was launched on the market, which is perfectly matched to Joya shoes. These products are organic-based, dermatologically tested and skin-friendly.

From cleaning sponge, leather care with lemongrass oil, suede care with organic jojoba oil, impregnation spray to a citrus fresh deodorant spray with organic orange oil, a complete package of shoe care is offered.

  • Exclusively developed formula for Joya shoes.
  • Cleans, nourishes, waterproofs and revitalizes Joya shoes with lasting effect.
  • Is so natural that it can also be used as a foot and hand cream.
  • Refined with high quality oils and 100% vegan.

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