Venice Red

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Venice Red
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Color: Red
    Nubuck leather
Insole: Ergo-fit
Sole category: emotion
Sole: Wave
Venice Red:

Lush and elegant nubuck lace up shoe with breathable mesh tongue. Thanks to the Joya Multi-Fit Insole, which allows the shoe to be specifically adapted to each individual foot and to be combined with orthotic insoles, it always suits your ideal fit. Equipped with the Joya Wave sole technology that provides extraordinary comfort while supporting the arch of the foot and encouraging the natural movement process. 

Quality and contentment are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. We gladly and passionately work with the objective to provide the perfect shoe for our customers. Therefore we guarantee for material and processing with all our self-produced items. Excluded is a surrogate due to improperly use or normal wear and tear. Upon cases under warranty the product will be repaired and replaced at no-cost.
Please call our customer service on +49 7531 9216060 or write us an email at info@joyashoes.eu to get further help.

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